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For this of you who are single out there: this is your sign to join a new dating app and go on a first date. You never know what could happen.

For those of you who found love via a dating app, congratulations and enjoy a spontaneous date with your partner.

Crossing Paths – Part Two


Finally, a moment to myself. Today was incredibly busy and wholly unproductive. It was important work, I needed to introduce my two new staff to the company and prepare them for their projects, but it prevented me from getting any of my critical tasks completed.

My phone vibrated with a new text message. I pick it up and see it’s from Jared, my boyfriend of about eight months.

“Hey Babe. Wanna come over in an hour?” I glance at the clock, it’s a little past four. On a normal day, I could be free in time to head over, but tonight, I am going to have to work late to catch up on some of the missed work today. I type out a quick response, “Can’t. I have to work late tonight. I can come by after, maybe 8?”

His response is fast, “No, maybe tomorrow.”

I stare at my phone, frankly, I don’t have the energy to text him back. We will figure something out tomorrow. Our relationship started out fun, we would meet up a few times a week and go out, either drinking or dancing, but lately, it has started to stagnant. We still go out, but it is starting to get tiring, I am ready for our relationship to progress past this current stage.

I don’t think I am ready to move in with him, but I would like to start seeing him more than a few times a week. I want to get more serious, not go out as much, maybe stay in and cook for each other, or have a weekend day where we just lounge around and cohabitate.

I think we just need to have a talk. I am not sure if he feels as serious about the relationship as I do, but I really like him, so I want to make sure we both move forward on the same page.

I put my phone down and wake up my laptop, determined to get started so I can get out of here at a reasonable hour. Like a typical non-profit employee, I wear many hats. I sort of got thrust into this role when my old manager left the company. I am fully capable, but it is more work than I initially thought it would be. Thank god I was able to hire two new employees, once they are fully onboarded, my workload will get much more bearable.

My list for the night: make new employee files, sort through the five HR complaints the department received today, finalize the new job search list for Tony, and respond to all my emails. With hope, it should only take me three hours.

I am about ten minutes in the workload when I am interrupted by a knock at the door. Not pausing my typing, I holler out, “Come in.” The door opens to reveal Tony, holding a Panera Bread takeout bag.

“Hey, Meredith. I took a guess that you would be working late tonight to catch up on all you missed while doing our orientation today, so I thought I could bring you a snack. I hope it’s not inappropriate, I just wanted to thank you for a great first day.”

“That is very nice of you and very welcome. I am starving,” I respond and stop typing, to fully look at him. Dinner wasn’t something I even thought about, but once I saw the bag, my stomach started grumbling.

“Oh good. I won’t dally so you can get back to work.” He walks towards my desk and drops off the bag. “I got you a basic salad and sandwich, I wasn’t sure what you would like.”

“I am sure it will be delicious.” Tony starts walking towards the door. He turns back to give me a quick wave, “Enjoy and I’ll see you tomorrow.”

“Goodbye, Tony. Thanks again.” At that, he shuts the door behind himself and I am alone again. That was really kind of him. I am more confident with the hiring of him now, I think we will work well together.

I finish off the task I was just working on, then dig into my surprise dinner. The first bite is slightly bitter, as I realize Jared has never done anything like this for me.

Check back soon for the next installement.

Cheers, Ivy!

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Daily, Dirty Thought

The best thing you can do for your relationship is respecting your partner’s desires. They can be simple, like having a long bath. They can be exciting, like tying each other up and not stopping until you both come into the next century.

At the end of the day, communicate, respect and love each other.

Crossing Paths

Today is the day I find out her name.

My first steps into the building introduce me to a familiar face. A face I have known for years. I knew her through my hardest classes, my most fun days and my most normal days. I knew her through all the major roadblocks and accomplishments of the last seven years.

I always interacted with her in the same way, by chance glances in her direction. I know how creepy it sounds, but it wasn’t like that. I never sought her out, she always appeared near me.

My first sight of her was during my freshman orientation of college. My group happened to walk next to her group, we passed each other for a fleeting second. Her brown hair was pulled into a high ponytail, giving me a full view of her tanned face. It was flush with the excitement of starting college. She had on a purple Huskies shirt and the color suited her perfectly. As she walked away, I turned to catch a final glimpse of her. She had on a worn-in pair of blue jeans that had obviously seen much life. She looked so comfortable in them. I could tell they were a pair that must have brought confidence, like only a favorite item of clothing could.

Seeing her is the only detail I remember perfectly from that day. It is not because she was beautiful, though she absolutely was. It is because the simple, fleeting sight of her gave me that first hope that only a new college student could feel. I didn’t have to dream of the opportunity for new friends or new love; the opportunity was here, now.

I was shy and sheltered in high school. Always under the thumb of a controlling father. I never had the confidence to try something new or put myself out there in any way. College was the beginning of a new life. An opportunity for me to become the person I didn’t even know I wanted to be yet.

It all started with the glance of her.

Today is the first day of my new job, I am working as a hiring consultant for an inner-city woman’s health non-profit. It is my first real job after getting my Masters in Human Resources. I would be lying if I said I wasn’t nervous starting today, but those nerves disappeared as soon as I saw her. Whenever she is around, I know it will all be perfect. She has always been an omen of goodness in my life.

I walk in and the impossible happens. She looks at me and says, “Tony?” Her voice is soft and warm, like listening to a gentle harp playing. I nod, too nervous to say anything.

She smiles. At me. I have seen her smile before, but it was never in my direction. I find myself returning her smile, feeling more joy, at that moment, than I had from all of the other times I saw her.

“I am Meredith, the HR Manager. I will be showing you around today.” She then reaches out to shake my hand.

I reach forward and grasp it, “Nice to meet you, Meredith. I am excited to be here.”


I know her name and I have touched her hand.

“We are excited to have you on. It’s been a struggle this past year, we can’t seem to find the right people to get on board.” She releases my hand then turns to walk further in the building.

“I am happy to improve on that. You all have such a wonderful mission, I want to see your work continue.”

“We do, and you are part of the team now.”

“Right. Still getting used to the new job.” We stop outside a door and she says, “This is the breakroom.”

We head inside, it’s not anything special, standard with a fridge, microwave, coffee pot, sink and some sitting areas. “I know it’s not spectacular, we haven’t had the resources to renovate it.”

“It’s perfectly fine.”

“Help yourself to a cup of coffee, I am waiting on another person before we can start orientation. I will come grab you as soon as they arrive.”

“I will. Thank you.”

At that, she walks out of the breakroom, closing the door behind her with a soft click.

I realize a part of me has loved her forever, but I have only loved my idea of her. I now have an opportunity to really get to know her, and I am terrified of the prospect.

At that thought, my years of education come up and slap me. I understand the dangers of having an attraction to a coworker, especially my boss. I can’t treat her any different than I treat anyone else. I can’t let her know that she has been a big part of my life, for years.

Besides, my idea of her, may not match her real personality.

Only time will tell with Tony and Meredith. Check in for the next installement next week.

Cheers, Ivy!


Daily, Dirty Thought

In honor of International woman’s day, here is a list of things women need:

  • To be happy with themselves
  • To love their bodies and minds
  • To feel fulfillment in every aspect of their life. Careers, relationships, and friendship
  • Sexual Pleasure
  • Independence
  • Cats!

You be you and try to remember, never judge anyone for being the person they want to me.

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