Four Historical Figures that Would Make the Most Interesting Dinner Guests

*No Guarantee on safety of the host

We all have those people that we have either read or heard about that instantly piqued interest and had you thinking to yourself, “Man I would really like to talk to this person.” What better way to really get to know someone than to invite them for dinner (if it works for dating, it would work for this)!

Without further ado, I will list the four figures I would love to cook a casserole for:

1) Mary Shelley – Claim to fame as the author of Frankenstein

The most impressive thing about Mary Shelley is the fact that Frankenstein: The Modern Prometheus was first published when she was 20. This is quite a feat, considering most Americans have trouble doing their own laundry by their 20th birthday, let alone write a novel that withstands the test of time.

What I would talk to her about:

  • The ethics of creating life through unnatural means
  • I really want to know her stance on God, life after death and organized religion
  • Plain old girl talk – I want to know about her relationship with Percy

As the ‘mother’ of Science Fiction, I would show here some of my favorite Star Trek episodes, a large part of me hopes that she would love it as much as I do (after she gets past the shock of the television, that is).

2) Cleopatra

Starting off strong with historical women, Cleopatra is fascinating for many reason:

  • First ruler of the Ptolemaic Dynasty in Egypt to even bother learning Egyptian (Ptolemaic Dynasty originated with Ptolemy, a general of Alexander the great, seizing control of the area after the death of Alexander).
  • Mistress of Julius Caesar
  • Mistress of Marc Antony

She was disruptive, political and powerful in a way that Roman women could not compare. I would want to ask her:

  • If she could change any of her decisions, what would they be
  • What was Caesar like, as a person, not as a political icon
  • How does it feel to be one of the most notable women of 2,000+ years

3) Niccolo Machiavelli

Author of The Prince and father of Machiavellianism (the employment of cunning and duplicity in statecraft or general good conduct). I would have an intense conversation with him about American politics then show him a couple hours of information on Donald Trump.

Really fascinated to see his take on Donald Trump.    

4) Mexican General Santa Anna

He had a very long career as a Mexican President and General. Most notable, he was the general that led the battle of the Alamo, but he is also the person responsible with Mexico losing most of it’s territory to Texas. I don’t think he was the best person, so let’s just say his casserole would not be very tasty.

The only reason I want to be in a room in Santa Anna is to ask him about the funeral he had for his leg. He lost his leg during the Pastry War and had a full military funeral progression for it.

I would only foresee this dinner party lasting 45 minutes, but it would be an enlightening time. Just the quirky story I would like more elaboration on.

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