New Author Spotlight: Adison Runberg

In my early days as I writer, I was welcomed into a somewhat eccentric community filled with creative, interesting, and bold colleagues. I know what inspired me to start writing, but what about them? What makes them burn with the desires to create new worlds and people. I wanted to learn more about my new community, hence the interviews were born.

Here is the first of many, with Adison Runberg. Adison recently self-published his first novel, Origins of Legends and Secrets of the North. 

Ivy: What Genre do you write and what would you like to try in the future?

Adison: My favorite genres are sci-fi and fantasy.  So far I have written an adventure/ sci-fi book(Origin of Legends and the Secrets of the North), so I would like to write some fantasy that focuses on dragons in the future.  I love how creative you can be when writing in these two genres.  I just let my imagination loose, it is one of my favorite things to do.

Ivy:  What or who inspired you to start writing?  

Adison:  I have had many inspirations over the years.  My mom has always loved writing.  She hasn’t published anything herself, but she instilled a love of reading and writing in me at a young age.  I also get inspired when I read a great story.  Neil Gaiman’s American Gods and Norse Mythology were two direct predecessors to my first book.  They truly sparked my interest in both story writing and Norse Mythos.

Ivy: Who is your favorite character you have ever written and why? 

Adison:  My favorite character from Origin of Legends and the Secrets of the North is Bob.  He is a jolly old man who cares for everyone in his small town.  He cracks jokes, gets tipsy, and is the glue that holds the small community together.  The reason I like him so much is because he is based on a character my sister and I made up when we were younger.  We would muster our oldest, most hoarse voice and say something like, “try talking to the people around you, instead of staring at your phone.”  My sister would do this if I was texting someone while she was having a conversation with me.

Ivy: What has been your biggest struggle with writing and self-publishing? 

Adison:  About 8 years ago I started trying to write a book.  I would write around 20 pages, then I would read it and think it was horrible.  I would delete all twenty pages and not write anything for another year.  I have repeated this sad process at least three times before I was able to finish a book.  The key to getting past this struggle for me was to write a solid outline and stick to it.  Once I committed to this style writing has been relatively easy and I have been happy with my work.

Ivy: Best book you have read this year? 

Adison: So far the best book I have read in 2018 is Intangible by C.A. Gray.  This is a young adult fantasy book that is a modern King Author tale.  It also uses physics to explain certain elements of the magic in the book which is really cool.  It reminds me of Harry Potter, and I recommend it to anyone, especially because it is free on kindle.

Ivy: Biggest pet peeve you see when you are reading novels?

Adison: I try to enjoy the worlds that authors create. I actively try to make my pet peeves into positives.  If I notice a grammatical error or spelling error, instead of thinking that the author should have caught it, or that it is a low-quality book, I use it as a chance to reach out to the author and make a new connection.  I tell them about the error in an email and hope to gain a new author friend.  That being said, a pet peeve that gets to me is when authors make antagonists look worse than other characters.

Ivy: What is your go-to way around writer’s block? (Mine is a bottle of wine lol)

Adison: If I am experiencing writer’s block I usually work out for fifteen minutes or go for a 30-minute walk.  This practice gives me a chance to clear my head a bit and think about what would happen next in the story, or how one of the characters would react in a situation.  Another approach I use is having another cup of coffee.  Caffeine works wonders and I almost always can meet my 1000 words a day goal when I have a fresh cup.

Ivy: Which author do you most admire and why?

Adison: I really admire any author who has completely made it but continues writing more stories because they love to write.  A few that come to mind are Stephen King, Anne Rice, and George R. R. Martin.  I love any authors with a true passion for writing, and I like to think they would be writing their books whether they were making millions of dollars or making pennies. 

Ivy: Any current works you would like to discuss?

Adison: I am currently working on a LitRPG novel called VampQuest: Beta.  I am really excited about this project and hopefully will have it done by mid-summer.  It has been a blast getting into LitRPG, I have been reading anything I can get my hands on in the genre, and creating my own gameworld is an adventure in its own right. 

Ivy: And finally, what is one piece of advice you had gotten prior to writing your first novel?

Adison: Online everyone said to get a professional cover and editor.  I think with these two things you can have stellar results if you keep working at it.  Anyone trying self-publishing should invest in these two things, it will bring you a book you will be proud of, and hopefully, this will keep you motivated to keep writing and you will get better each day you write and are focused.  Keep learning, is another great piece of advice.  There is so much information available for free online.  It is up to you to find it and apply the information to your own situation.  If you have a question about the process, google that question, search for it on Reddit.  It is likely someone else had the exact same question and someone gave a very good answer to it.

To read more about him, visit his author page on Amazon and Goodreads


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