Crossing Paths – Part Three


Work has finally calmed down to a tolerable level. It has been a little over two months since I hired Tony and Sara. The two new employees have drastically reduced my workload and all of a sudden, I have free time again.

It’s Friday, and I think I will get an early start to my weekend. I know just what to do with my extra time today. Steve and I haven’t had much time to be alone together lately, due to my late nights and weekends of work, so I am going to surprise him with homemade dinner and a new sexy outfit.

Step one, set my email to auto-reply, this weekend I will not have any distractions. Step two, go to the lingerie shop and pick out something in red. Step three, buy groceries. To-do lists make my life easier, and this is a fun one to follow.

I pass Tony on my way out of the office.

“Hey, Tony. I am cutting out early today. If an emergency comes up, call me, otherwise, it can wait until Monday.”

“Got it. Anything fun planned?”

I smile, “I am planning a surprise for my boyfriend.”

He doesn’t mirror my smile, but that is Tony, he always seems to be slightly morose.

“Oh. Have fun with that.” I will, though he doesn’t need to know how much fun.

The sun is still bright in the sky, rare for a Seattle day. I am happy I get to enjoy a little more of it. I live close to work, so I opt to walk home today, instead of taking the bus. The walk will take me past a few adult shops, so ample opportunity to find something nice for tonight.

Entering the first one, I see a silken shift, with a matching red lace thong – it is perfect. Steve loves red and I want something that is going to drive him wild. I try on the shift, making sure it fits in all the right places. Looking in the mirror, I am satisfied, so I pay for the outfit and make my way home.

Jumping in the shower, I put on my trusty hair cap, protecting my hair from the water and give my body a quick rinse to freshen up, using my favorite mint soap. It is an unusually fast shower, but what can I say, I am excited.

With the towel wrapped around me, I start getting ready. I add some dry shampoo to my hair, giving it extra volume, thankful I don’t have to do much more since my hair still looks fine from work. I don’t add much make-up, just a bit around my eyes to give myself a smokey-eye look and some mascara to make them pop. The final touch: bold red lipstick to match my lingerie.

I had already mentally went through my closet and decided on a mid-thigh black dress and black knee-high boots. The dress is tight around my chest and hips, but is loose around the hem, making it perfect to wear the new shift under.

I add my black trench coat, making the outfit seem more professional than slutty then head out. Steve lives far enough away, I have to drive, so I slide into my car and hope traffic hasn’t gotten too bad yet.

Carrying two bags of groceries and a bottle of wine, I knock on his door. The door opens a few seconds later, and it’s not Steve. Instead, it is a bombshell wearing one of his button-down shirts.

“Who are you?” She asks me.

“Meredith, Steve’s girlfriend. Who the hell are you?”

She immediately looks agitated, “Shit. He has a girlfriend?”

“Yes. He does. Is he in there?” She nods. “Can you tell him I stopped by, and that will be the last time I ever do?”

“I will. Look. . .I am sorry, I didn’t know.”

I shake my head, not trying to be mad at her, but it’s hard. “I don’t blame you, I am just not happy to be seeing you right now. I wouldn’t waste any more time on him if I were you.”

“I won’t.”

Leaving the building, I throw the groceries in the back of my car and speed home. Not bothering to unload anything, I park the car then hurry to my regular bar. It less than two minutes, I am sitting at a dark booth by myself with a shot of tequila and a margarita sitting in front of me.

I pound back the shot, then sip my mixed drink, trying not to be too depressed about my love life. I should text one of my girlfriends, but I am not ready to be around their pitying looks, yet.

I finish that drink then make my way to the bar but am stopped when I hear a masculine voice calling my name. I look behind me, praying it isn’t Steve, but am pleasantly surprised to see it’s Tony.

“Meredith, what are you doing here? I thought you were going to be with your boyfriend tonight.”

“Plans changed. I am now spending time with my new boyfriend, tequila.” I say dryly, hoping he will get the hint that I am not in a social mood.

“Oh. What a fool he is.”

Flattery, but I accept it, my ego needed to hear something nice.

“Thanks. If you will excuse me, I need another drink.” I try to walk away, but he stops me.

“How about I buy you one and you can tell me all about it? Venting to an objective third party at a bar is always a good way to get over you anger.”

“Seriously? You, objective?”

“You’re right,” he smiles, “I wouldn’t be, I am obviously on your side. But still, let me buy you a drink, you don’t have to be alone right now.”

“Aren’t you here with someone?”

“Just some friends. I’ll text them that something came up, they will understand.”

“Alright. Let’s get a drink then.”

Check back later for the next installement of Meredith and Tony.

Cheers, Ivy!

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