Author Spotlight: Raelle Logan

Raelle lives in Colorado with her husband and cat, Ransom. She has been writing stories since she was a very young child. At an early age, she was enamored by westerns, but thanks to exposure through her mother’s work at a library, she soon fell in love with Romance novels. Pirates entralled her and she spent a year diving into the world, preparing herself to write a thrilling novel. Blackheart was her first published manuscript. 

The interview is a peek into her life and I hope you find it as intersting as I did – Ivy. 

Interview with Raelle Logan

Ivy: What genre do you write and will you ever change?

Raelle: I write in Historical Romance and pirates are usually my main characters.  Not sure if I will alter my genre in the future.  I enjoy British history and have always been a voracious reader of books that had castles, knights, damsels, villains, and, of course, Pirates.

Ivy: What inspired you to start writing?

Raelle: I began reading during my summer off school days.  My Mom worked at a library. She would bring home bundles of books that she thought might interest me for the summer.  She was trying to keep me busy and out of trouble.  I began to read romance but always with a historical premise of some sort.  One of my favorite authors was Victoria Holt.  I loved her books; the history and story just came alive for me.  It’s weird, though, because my first manuscript was a Western-themed story (my Dad’s influence, unquestionably).  I was far too young to write it and it eventually ended up in the trash.

Icy: Who is your favorite character you have ever written and why?

Raelle: It’s extremely difficult to choose a favorite character. However, I think the one that is most dear to my heart is Lochlanaire Blackheart, the hero in my current published book, BLACKHEART.  He is so downtrodden from being imprisoned in a castle dungeon and wounded when the book starts but slowly he becomes a super courageous, heroic pirate captain that I hope everyone will fall in love with as I certainly did.

Ivy: Are you a big reader? What is a current book you just read that you loved?

Raelle: Currently, I’m so invested in trying to get time to edit my other works I have in progress that I haven’t had much time to read, sadly.  If I could have the time, I would love to go back and reread anything by Victoria Holt.

Ivy: What other authors inspire you and why?

Raelle: Obviously, Victoria Holt because her writing inspired my interest in historical romance.  I’ve read some of Tammy Tate’s work and K.A.Neeson and PJ Beldon are awesome writers.  They inspire me because not only are they great writers, they are also great people who are now my friends.

Ivy: Biggest pet peeve you see when reading novels?

Raelle: Glaring errors, especially historical mistakes. 

Ivy: Do you have a daily writing goal?

Raelle: No, mostly because I work outside of the house about 36 hours a week right now, so I write whenever I find the time.  I find if I set goals, I get frustrated if I can’t obtain them.

Ivy: Do you use a pen name?

Raelle: Yes, Raelle Logan is a pen name. I came up with it by using part of my Dad’s name Ray (Dad died in 1996) and I just love the name Logan.

Ivy: How do celebrate your books being published?

Raelle: Go out to dinner, eat cake!

Ivy: Bad reviews happen, how do you handle them?

Raelle: I read them, get a little angry and then read the super good reviews that I’ve gotten.  I find the good reviews definitely trump the bad ones.  After that, I just move on.  Everyone is entitled to their opinion. Some people will love my writing, others won’t. It’s okay. I mostly write for myself because I love to do it. If people love my work, I’m thrilled. I refuse to let bad reviews bother me. It’s just part of writing.

Ivy: What is something not many people know about you?

Raelle: I’ve read Webster’s dictionary. Lol. Why, you ask? I thought that I had to learn what words were available in the time periods I write in and, therefore, I actually did read the entire dictionary and highlighted every word I may need to use for my writing. It’s extremely helpful!

Ivy: Where do you see your writing career in five years?

Raelle: I’d like to be able to write ‘Best Selling Author’ next to my name and have it actually be true.

Ivy: How long does it take you to write your average novel?

Raelle: BLACKHEART took one month to write. Editing, truthfully, took about a year total because I apparently go a bit overboard with description, according to my editor.

Ivy: Any current works you would like to discuss?

Raelle: Presently, I’m editing another pirate story but one that is far different from BLACKHEART, which I hope will be finished either this summer or next fall and be published in a few months after.  Cross your fingers!

Ivy: Brag Section, tell me something you are proud of?

Raelle: I’m very proud that BLACKHEART has been published and that I can actually say that I’m a ‘professional author’. It’s an awesome goal I never really thought to achieve. I’m also very proud to be able to have met so many great authors of whom I can say are now my friends.

Ivy: If you could tell yourself back before you published your first novel one piece of advice, what would it be?

Raelle: Believe in myself and in my writing. Trust that ‘you can be published without knowing someone in the business’. You just have to find the right person who will love your work.


Blackheart is available on Amazon and Barnes & Noble (click on retailer to access page)

To connect further with Raelle, visit her different social media sites:

Check back next week for another upcoming author interview!


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