Romance Novel Review – June 29th

Wild, Wicken and Wonton by Natasha Blackthorne

This is, “A Hot Historic Romance Bundle,” containing four novels all set in the same 1800’s American world. A Regency-era bundle filled with steamy sex scenes, time relevant dramas, and strong characters that have dynamic stories.

WWW review

The Breakdown

Story Line: I gave it five stars because the novels all had the major plot points I look for in a good romance story:

  • Boy meets Girl and it is ‘attraction at first sight’
  • A conflict that prevents them from connecting on a deeper level
  • Danger
  • Something that nearly separates them for good
  • *cough* a happy ending

Character Progression: There was a regular theme throughout the books of two steps forward, one step back. The characters would self-evaluate and grow, only to be nearly right back where they started. Some of the conflicts were repeated, and those that were were all related to the emotional progression of one of the Main Characters.

Romance Scenes: Full disclosure: this one is hot and heavy, not for the vanilla-loving, faint of heart. It lost a star for two reasons:

  1. The scenes did not seem to line up with how I envision it going in the 1800s. The women were very modern (which the feminist in me loves, but makes the book critic cringe).
  2. They were incredibly similar from book to book. This would have been okay because the first two books are with the same characters, but when I got to the third and the sexual dynamic was nearly identical, it set me off slightly.

Enjoyment: Worth the five stars. I had an easy time reading them and Natasha did a great job creating a fun story to read.

Value: $0.99 or Free on Kindle Unlimited for four exciting books to read. Yes, please. Do yourself a favor and buy it.

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