Welcome to Ivy’s Page!

Ivy grew up in coastal Washington and moved to Seattle in her early adult years. She spent a few years after college working in a non-profit but left to travel the world and do something new.

She has always been a voracious reader and decided to give writing a try. Shortly into her first book, she realized it was exponentially better than reading  – thus a new passion was born.

Ivy thrives on the challenges writing and self-publishing create. To get inspiration, she travels the world and constantly seeks out adventures. Current location: Czech Republic.


So far, she has published two books in the Shifting Hearts series – a paranormal romance, with dreams of many more to come.

Her blog is a place to connect with other authors and fans, share short stories and exclusive content and give her the freedom to write about whatever comes to her that day.

For more on Ivy – visit her author pages on Amazon and Goodreads or follow her on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. Disclaimer: there will be plenty of posts with cats and wine. (All links are accessible at the top of the blog).

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