The hardest part of a good book is when it ends.   Photo cred: Photo by veeterzy from Pexels

Daily, dirty thoughts

For this of you who are single out there: this is your sign to join a new dating app and go on a first date. You never know what could happen. For those of you who found love via a dating app, congratulations and enjoy a spontaneous date with your partner.

Daily, Dirty Thought

The best thing you can do for your relationship is respecting your partner's desires. They can be simple, like having a long bath. They can be exciting, like tying each other up and not stopping until you both come into the next century. At the end of the day, communicate, respect and love each other.

Daily, Dirty Thought

In honor of International woman's day, here is a list of things women need: To be happy with themselves To love their bodies and minds To feel fulfillment in every aspect of their life. Careers, relationships, and friendship Sexual Pleasure Independence Cats! You be you and try to remember, never judge anyone for being the... Continue Reading →

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